1. tropicalifornication:

    *goes out of room*

    *grabs food*

    *goes back in the room*

    *repeats the next day*

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  2. uhmeliamay:

    when you can see that someone has read your text and they don’t respondimage

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  3. nointerrruption:

    growing up sucks because you realize $1000 isn’t a lot of money

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  4. gorbigorbi:

    Svetlana Zakharova

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  5. dukh:

    the scariest thing about thinking about someone so much is that you’ll never know whether they think about you at all

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  6. everyoneinthetardis:


    David Tennant with his wife


    David Tennant without his wife



    She’s back!


    I’ve been laughing at this for three years

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  7. sorry:

    being the annoying friend like:

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  8. sluttyoliveoil:

    im glad i have a tumblr so i can see the same four posts a thousand times on my dashboard

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  9. ophi1ia:

    I wish I went to detention for 9 hours and came out with 3 new best friends and a boyfriend why am I not in an 80’s movie

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  10. bootycaller:

    who wants to give up on society and go live in a treehouse with me

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